May Day - Closet Therapy

Yes, that means, HELP. Help me in my closet of closets oh fashionable one. I can barely fit into my walk-in anymore, you see, I've cluttered it up with this and that... remnants of my winter solace and now I can't move in there, it's literally stacked up and shoved in there good and tight. So, sense spring is in the air, it must be in my closet as well.

Here comes the hard part, what to toss? (recycle)...first I go through each and every piece of clothing with a fine tooth comb, looking for stains or tears, those are the first to go, reminds me too much of one my cabernet filled nights, where I'm spilling my wine all over myself and those around me.

Next I move onto the clothing items that still have price tags on them, I know, what the hell was I thinking when I bought this???? Must have been one of those, I can't live without it, I must have it, I buy it, and then it sits in my closets for months. Those items go into the consignment pile, I am hopeful and pray the consignment shop will take it, even if I lack good taste, I have my fingers-crossed that they find it as fabulous as I did on that fateful day

Painful, but not seriously painful is moving the winter jackets, coats, heavy wool shirts and warm winter scarf's out of the closet and into my storage boxes for safe keeping until next year. Well that wasn't so bad, I can now fit, turn-around and spend some quality time with my walk-in once again.

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