What is Art Rocks 247...

Meet the Team

Alexandra is the styling maven with panache and a flair for transforming the mundane into a happening. Her background in finance and corporate management failed to dull her charm or wit which has made her a prized commodity on the air and live events. Her distinctive laugh is contagious with no known form of inoculation. A dynamo walking in 5-inch heels she can take charge with a disarming smile whether you are Rock Star or a local emerging artist.

Founder & Director of Media Relations

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Lu is the Director, webmaster, videographer, critic, attorney and consigliore (legal advisor). He is constantly on the go with video and digital cameras, capturing what is the mother's milk to our audience: a lifestyle of art and the finer things in San Diego. His Hollywood background, and extensive experience in advertising have given Art Rocks 247 a new feel and edge

Producer  &   Consigliore

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Alexandra Magdaleno

Lu Magdaleno

"Lucy" (L) and "Lola" (R) are Italian Greyhound's of noble lineage "wid street smartz" who earned their place as Art Rocks 247's mascot's and "attitude adjuster's if youse knows wad I mean". They make most of the important decisions here at AR247 and while they are sweet and docile, they have mastered the art of belly sunning, and treat pilfering. But bad guys beware, their gentle manner belies their relentless vigil. In the blink of an eye they can transform from friendly butt-sniffer to fearless centurion warrior's. Our legal staff hastens to add that "all rumors of a mob connection are false.

Art Rocks 247 Mascots

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Lucia & Lola

The silky voice, is quick, witty and probingly entertaining. Week after week, for ten years, Philly Joe worked his magic with guests at all levels of the social spectrum. What do you expect from a self-described Swede from the hips on up and Australian from the hips on down? As energetic in person as he was on air, Philly lives the very collision of art, fashion and lifestyle that is the focus of  Art Rocks 247

Emeritus & Chanter of Personality

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Philly Joe Swendoza